Life Skills – Clause 2

Know how to read an A-Z and a bus or train timetable. Demonstrate your knowledge to your Patrol.

You will need: A to Z, bus timetable and train timetable. Many of these can be downloaded online.

  • Plan a trip for you, your friends, family or Patrol. Look at bus routes, train timetables and an A to Z and work how you would get there.
  • You may want to start by thinking about somewhere fun close by you would like to visit. Is there a beach or National Trust property nearby, or an amusement park you’d love to visit?
  • Come up with a simple budget to show how much you would need for your trip. How much money would you need to pay for public transport or petrol? Will you need to pay entrance fees? How about spending money for lunch or souvenirs?
  • Go on the trip and report back to your Leader or Patrol on how you got on. Did your timings work? Did you budget enough money?

Take it further

Why not take some pictures while on your trip to show your Leader all the things you did?

Don’t forget to share your plans with an adult, let them know where you are going, how long you plan to be and when you expect to get back.

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