In The Home – Clause 3

Follow a set of instructions to make an item such as a bird box or CD rack. Show the finished item to your Patrol.

Cooking outside is great fun, whether you are at camp or at your meeting place. Try making this mini BBQ!


Always ask an adult to supervise you when using matches or lighting fires and keep a bucket of water close by to put out the BBQ if necessary.

You will need: A clean and empty tuna tin with the top removed, wire mesh, self-igniting charcoal briquette, extra-long matches, tongs, heat proof plate, knife, 2 hotdogs, 2 hotdog buns, ketchup and mustard to taste

  • Find a clear spot in your garden, free of any rubbish or hazards and place your tin onto a level heatproof surface such as a low, sturdy garden wall or paving slab. Make sure you ask an adult where they think is suitable for you to use.
  • Place the self-igniting briquette inside the tuna can and carefully light it, using the extra-long matches.
  • Using the tongs, place the piece of wire mesh over the top of the tuna can to create a grilling area. Be very careful when doing this as the briquette can become extremely hot.
  • Slice the hot dogs in half and using the tongs place them onto the wire mesh. You may find that you need to cook one at a time. After 4 minutes, turn the hot dogs over to cook the other side.
  • After a further 4 minutes, using the tongs, remove the hot dogs from the wire mesh and place in the bun.
  • Add ketchup or mustard to taste and enjoy!

Why not see what else you can cook on your mini BBQ? What about mini vegetable skewers or toasting bagels?

Don’t forget to take pictures to show your Patrol what you cooked!

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