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Independent living

Independent Living Badge

We all love that feeling of completing a badge but there are some badges that challenge us more than others, especially if it’s about something which is new to you. The Independent Living badge is designed to get you thinking about growing up and how to manage when you leave home. The skills you will learn will come in handy as you get older.

Support for completing the Independent Living Badge

To earn the badge you will need to complete 5 clauses, at least one from each section as listed in the syllabus. You will need to choose one or two more in addition to the activities listed here.

Food and Clothes, Clause 1
Put together a collection of recipes that are low-cost and nutritious. Prepare, cook and serve one of the recipes.

Life Skills, Clause 2
Know how to read an A-Z and a bus or train timetable. Demonstrate your knowledge to your Patrol.

In The Home, Clause 3
Follow a set of instructions to make an item such as a bird box or CD rack. Show the finished item to your Patrol.

In The Home, Clause 5
Clean three rooms in your home that require different cleaning methods, eg kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. Understand any safety issues relating to the cleaning products you used.