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Values scrapbook button

Design and print your own scrapbook of Guides' values! Which qualities do you think are most important in a Guide?


Need a tougher challenge? The Senior Section octants have been stolen. It's up to you to solve the puzzles in Archie Arachnid's underground lair and save the octants for everyone!

Ecoville. Build. Thrive. Survive.

Build a sprawling city. Watch your people thrive. Make sure they survive!

Jump Up! Play Now.

Collect petitions, rally your Guides, go abroad and get out and about - all in this challenging adventure into The Senior Section.

I'm a camp leader - get me out of here!

Can you build the perfect campsite or will your trip be a holiday from hell?

Dance to my beat

Play our special BIG GIG dancing game!


Read this fabulous story, then you get to write what happens next!

Guide a guide

Re-read all your favourite episodes of Guide a Guide.

Stack Attack!

Smash stacking blocks to unlock new levels. (This game features some flashing imagery).