Camper Advanced Badge

Camper Advanced


The person testing this badge should be an experienced camper and/or hold a Guide Camp Licence.

To do this badge you must already hold the Camper badge. You must also have been to two or more Guide camps. Altogether you must have spent at least six nights at Guide camp.


1. Do both a and b.
a) Lead a group in putting up two types of tent.
b) Explain how to make simple tent repairs.

2. Do both a and b.
a) Demonstrate how to pack your bag or rucksack so that it is easy to find things and your kit stays dry. Explain what clothes you need for different kinds of weather.
b) Know how to take care of your bedding and how to store it during the day so that it stays dry.

3. Do all three clauses.
a) Cook a two-course meal with your Patrol, using either two different methods of cooking or two heat sources.
b) Show how to store all groceries safely, including bread, milk, meat, sugar and sweets.
c) Explain how to collect and store drinking water.

4. Do either a or b.
a) If the camp is using a toilet tent, help to put the tent up and equip it with a latrine, gadget for hand-washing and so on. Be responsible for at least one duty of helping to keep the toilet tent and surrounding washing area clean and tidy.
b) If the camp is using toilet blocks, be responsible for at least one duty of cleaning and tidying the whole block and restocking as necessary.  

5. Do either a or b.
a) Be responsible for showing a first-time camper the routines of the camp.
b) Keep a record of what your Patrol did at camp. Use this to show what was good about the camp.

6. Suggest how careful disposal of rubbish and waste water at camp helps to protect the environment. Explain how to dispose of your waste at camp.

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