Camp Permit

Camp Permit


How would you like to go away to camp just as a Patrol? Would you enjoy being responsible for planning and running the camp? Could you organise the details, from food and transport to equipment and activities? If so, the Guide Camp Permit could be for you!

To start working on your Camp Permit, you need to have gained your Camper Advanced badge and be at least 12 years old. If you are 12, you can lead a Patrol camp alongside your unit camp. When you are 13 you can run a Patrol camp without your unit.

You'll find more information about the Camp Permit in your G file, along with space to get the modules signed off as you complete them. There are also some useful tips about badges online.

Module 1: Plan a residential event
Element 1a: With your Patrol, decide on the type of event.
Element 1b: Choose where you are going to stay.
Element 1c: With your Leader, find an adult to act as emergency support.

Module 2: Plan the camp
Element 2a: Look after the money side of the camp.
Element 2b: Decide on equipment needed.
Element 2c: Complete necessary Girlguiding forms.
Element 2d: Plan what you have to do at the end of the camp.

Module 3: Plan to be safe
Element 3a: Plan for emergencies.
Element 3b: Agree event guidelines with your Patrol.

Module 4: Plan your food and how you will cook it
Element 4a: Plan cooking and storage facilities.
Element 4b: With your Patrol, plan your menus.
Element 4c: Understand the importance of food hygiene and waste disposal.

Module 5: Make health and first aid arrangements
Element 5a: Find out about the site's showers, toilets and water supply.
Element 5b: Be prepared for any possible emergency.
Element 5c: Check the first aid kit.

Module 6: Find the activity equipment you need
Element 6a: Check the condition of equipment.
Element 6b: Make sure everyone knows how to use the equipment.
Element 6c: Return/replace used equipment.

Module 7: Organise the care and maintenance of campsite facilities
Element 7a: Look after tents and personal equipment.
Element 7b: Set up camp.
Element 7c: Strike camp and return equipment.

Module 8: With your Patrol, plan and carry out your programme of activities