chocolate badge



Complete clauses 1-3, then do any two others.


1. Find out about the history of chocolate, including how it first came to the UK. Act out the story with your Patrol.

2. Find out about fair trade chocolate products. Compare a fair trade bar with an ordinary bar. How do they compare on price, packaging and taste?

3. Do a Patrol or family survey. Keep a record of how much chocolate everyone eats during one week. Discuss your results with your Patrol. What conclusions can you draw?

4. Design a wrapper for a 21st century chocolate bar. Invent its name as well as its design. Draw out your design or make a mock chocolate bar.

5. Set up a tasting session for your Patrol to try a variety of chocolate products, eg chocolate drinks, bars, mousses or biscuits.

6. Make at least two of the following using chocolate:
• ribbons
• curls
• leaves
• baskets
• writing
• boxes
• cut-outs
• ganache.

7. Make up a game using chocolates and play it with your Patrol.

8. Make a selection of sweets using melted chocolate. Work out how much they cost and compare the price to bought chocolates.


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Check out Go For It! Chocolate with your Patrol.

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