Community Action Badge

Community Action


Choose one of the following four areas. Complete a specific project that will enable you to make a difference in that area.

1. Action in the lives of people in your local community.
You could choose to work with or for children, older people or people with a disability.

2. Action for the local environment.
This may include projects such as bulb planting, cleaning the local river, or providing bird or bat boxes.

3. Action on a worldwide issue.
You could find out about projects sponsored by organisations such as Oxfam or Save the Children, or perhaps choose a wildlife issue.

4. Action for Girlguiding.
This can include helping at a Brownie Pack or Rainbow unit, and completing a special task such as making something for the unit.


The project:
• must be planned carefully
• may be completed individually or with other Patrol members
• should be worked on for a minimum of 12 hours over a three-month period.  

Your plans should cover:
• who will be involved, eg Guides, school friends, community members
• personal safety issues that need to be considered
• what permission is needed, and from whom
• how long it will take, eg weekly, over a weekend, a few hours over several weeks
• how you will know whether it has been a success.


Your plans must be discussed with your Leader and approved by the Patrol Leaders' Council before you start. At the end of the project, share your experience with your unit.


Tip box

Safety tip
Make sure your Leader knows where you are and who you are working with.

Action stations!

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