Craft Badge



Do four of the following clauses. For every further four clauses you complete, you may have another badge. You may only make one of the items at school.

1. Make a decorative ornament from paper or card, eg an origami or mosaic item.

2. Use one of these techniques to decorate paper: calligraphy, rubber stamping, quilling, stencilling or marbling.

3. Make a picture or design, decorate an item or produce a three-dimensional piece of work using any of the following techniques:
• embroidery (by hand or machine)
• tapestry
• patchwork
• quilting
• beading
• lace-making.

4. Use weaving skills to produce a functional article such as a mat, friendship bracelet, small bag or wall hanging.

5. Using an appropriate medium such as wood or clay, carve or sculpt a figure, pot or group of animals. The work may be decorated and glazed or fired if appropriate.

6. Make three prints, either decorative or pictorial, using any of the following techniques:
• potato printing
• lino printing
• polystyrene printing
• string printing
• etching
• screen printing
• a combination of these methods.

7. Decorate clothing or a soft furnishing item, using one or more of these methods:
• block printing
• screen printing
• tie-dying
• painting.

8. Decorate a medium other than paper, such as glass, silk, fabric or ceramic, using an appropriate technique.

9. Engrave a picture on a glass object or panel.

10. Make an object from salt dough and decorate it.

11. Make a corn dolly, a flower arrangement or an item showing a craft that is traditional to your area (eg Dorset Buttons).

12. Make and decorate a candle.

13. Make an article using another craft.


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