Culture Badge


Complete five clauses. Do at least two from each section.

1. With your Patrol, make up a local neighbourhood trail, with a quiz or scavenger hunt, for the other Patrols in your unit.

2. Interview a member of your community who can tell you about life in your area. Record the interview on tape or video.

3. Learn a dance, song, poem or piece of drama traditional to your area or region and perform it as an entertainment with your Patrol.

4. Find stories or legends about a local patron saint or a coat of arms. Ask about local people over the years who have contributed to the well-being of the community. Present your findings in an interesting way through photographs, drawings, and a report for a local newspaper or a short drama.

5. Visit a local exhibition with your Patrol. If possible, ask one of the exhibitors to give you a demonstration of a craft or let you have a go at it yourself.

6. Visit a place of historical interest, such as a museum, famous building or archaeological site, with your Patrol. Make a presentation about your visit to the rest of the unit.

7. Know which local or national youth councils, parliaments or forums give young people an opportunity to have a voice in current issues affecting them.

Other cultures
Choose a culture other than your own and then:

1. Cook a traditional meal often eaten in your chosen culture, and invite your family, Patrol or Leader(s) to share it with you.

2. Learn ten words and their meanings from your chosen culture's language or dialect. Teach them to your Patrol.

3. Talk to someone from a different cultural background and find out about their lifestyle. Present this in an imaginative way to your unit, either by using photographs, postcards, maps and posters or by demonstration with drama, costumes, games and so on.

4. Put on a cultural fashion show using members of your Patrol, or use dolls to demonstrate costumes from other countries. This could be done as part of an international evening in your unit.

5. Find out about the daily life of girls or young women in your chosen culture. Share your findings with an interested person or your Patrol.

6. Organise an arts activity for your Patrol, such as dance, music or drama, based on your chosen culture. 

Tip box

Have a look at the culture section of the On Your Marks... activity pack to inspire you with ideas to get your culture badge, and be inspired to have a go at something creativeOn Your Marks badge you've never tried before! Ask your Leader about the pack.

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