Faith awareness

1. Regularly attend a place where you hear about your faith. This may be a church, temple, mosque, synagogue, Sunday School, school assembly or church midweek club.

2. Undertake a service or responsibility in the life of your faith community.

3. Through drama, a piece of art work, photography or a piece of creative writing, illustrate a story from your faith tradition.

4. Find three stories from your faith tradition which help you understand how to behave and live in the world of today.

5. With your Patrol or other Guides, take part in a ‘Reflections' or ‘Thought for the Moment' in your unit. Use songs, drama, mime, music and so on. You should use at least one story from your own faith.

6. Read a book, watch a video or hear about someone whose faith played an important part in the way they lived their life. Talk to your Leader about your chosen person, who may be someone from the past or the present.

7. Find out about an organisation which is working for the good of other people. Tell your Leader what you have discovered.

8. Talk to your Leader about the Promise and explain how it helps you in your life. Write a prayer or a poem which is about keeping the Promise, and use it at a suitable time.


Tip box

Visit the United Religions Initiative, which promotes interfaith cooperation.

Have a look at the values section of the On Your Marks... activity pack - you'll find some activities that might help you with this badge, including ways you and your Guide On Your Marks badgefriends can chill out and reflect.

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