Film Lover Badge

Film Lover

1. Choose five categories from the list below and watch one film from each. At least one film should be in black and white. Talk to your Patrol about your choices. Where possible, watch at least one of the films in a cinema.

• romance
• Western
• science fiction
• musical
• true life
• comedy
• silent
• animation
• foreign language
• mystery or detective
• period drama.


2. Know what the following film classifications mean and why they are used: Uc, U, PG, 12, 12A, 15, 18.

3. Explain the role of the British Board of Film Classification.

4. Explain the meaning of these terms:
• studio system
• storyboard
• cinematography.

5. Explain what these people would do:
• producer
• best boy
• animal handler.

6. Explain the difference between a preview and a review.

7. Write a review of a film that you have seen recently, giving reasons for your opinions.

8. Choose a film star or director whose film work you admire. Discuss the person's role within the film industry.