Finding your way Badge

Finding your way


Complete all the clauses

1. Make a collection of maps and street plans, eg road maps, Ordnance Survey maps, tourist maps, street maps and public transport maps. Look at as many different types as possible. Show your collection to your Patrol and explain when you would use each map and where you could get them from.

2. Explain how to read a map or street plan of your choice. Include information such as scale, grid reference and symbols.

3. Draw a sketch map of the area around your home or meeting place, and indicate whether drivers, pedestrians or both would use the map.

4. Be able to give clear directions to a place in your local area chosen in advance by your Leader, eg local shops, telephone box, place of worship, bus stop.

5. Explain how to find information to help you plan a journey, eg train or bus times. Show how to read a timetable.

6. Plan two journeys using different methods of transport, eg:
• a walk using an Ordnance Survey map
• travelling to camp using a road map
• a city walk using a tourist map
• visiting a tourist attraction using public transport.

7. With a small group (your unit, Patrol or family), undertake one of the journeys from clause 6. Explain your plans before you go and remember to include:
• the route you will follow
• the approximate time it will take
• who you are travelling with
• how you and your group will keep safe.  

8. Once you have been on your journey, tell your Patrol or Leader all about it.


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