Fire Safety


Complete all the clauses

1. Find out about the fire service in your area. Know what appliances and equipment are available and what they are used for. Visit your local fire station if possible, or take part in any fire safety initiatives run by your local fire brigade. Know what other rescue activities (other than fighting fires) they may be involved in.

2. Understand how a fire can start and spread, and how it is extinguished. Know what precautions need to be taken to prevent fires in the home.

3. Know how to raise the alarm in the event of a fire and how to warn a building's occupants and others as necessary. Know how a fire call is passed to the local fire station. Know the next actions you need to take after calling the fire brigade.

4. Know the correct way to deal with the following fires:
• a fat or chip pan fire
• a person's clothes on fire
• grass or bushes on fire
• an electrical fire.

5. Understand how simple smoke detectors work, why they should be installed in the home and where they should be sited.

6. Know where you would expect to find a fire extinguisher and how to use it. Know what types there are and how to tell them apart. Know what type you would use on wood or paper, oil or petrol, and electrical fires. Explain what environmental impact the use of an extinguisher might have, and when and why you might not tackle a fire with an extinguisher.

7. Design a fire escape plan for your home or meeting place. Know where the fire exits and extinguishers are located. Know what to do if you are trapped by fire in a building. Know what to look for before a fire or other emergency occurs. 

8. Know how to deal with burns, scalds and shock.

9. Do either a or b.
a) Design a fire safety plan for your Guide camp or holiday. Take into account rules regarding cooking, campfires, use of gas lamps and general campsite fire safety.
b) Design a fire safety poster relating to a particular group or special time of year, eg Bonfire Night, Diwali, Christmas or another festival.

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