First Aid badge

First Aid


Complete all the clauses

When you have gained this badge, it is valid for two years. After two years you will need to take the test again if you still want to hold your First Aid badge.  

If you pass the St John Ambulance Young First Aider Course, or an equivalent, and in addition complete clauses 15-20, you may have this badge.

1. Demonstrate how to assess an emergency situation and make it safe for everybody before trying to help.

2. Demonstrate how to assess a casualty, check for response, open an airway, check for breathing and circulation, and place in the recovery position.

3. On a mannequin, demonstrate mouth-to-mouth ventilations and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and know when to use these techniques.

4. Demonstrate how to make an emergency phone call.

5. Recognise the symptoms of choking and demonstrate how to treat a choking person.

6. Recognise the symptoms of asthma and demonstrate how to help someone who is having an asthma attack.

7. Demonstrate the treatment of a minor cut and a graze.

8. Demonstrate the treatment for a casualty with severe external bleeding.

9. Explain the importance of hygiene when dealing with blood and body fluids.

10. Recognise shock and demonstrate how to treat it.

11. Recognise the features of a fracture. Demonstrate how to treat a fracture to prevent the injury getting worse.

12. Demonstrate how to treat burns and recognise when someone who has been burned should go to hospital.

13. Demonstrate the treatment for someone who has been poisoned.

14. Recognise the features of a heart attack and demonstrate how to treat a casualty who is having a heart attack.

15. Have a basic understanding of how to treat a diabetic emergency.

16. Have a basic understanding of epilepsy and the difference between minor and major seizures.

17. Know how to treat a casualty having a seizure.

18. Recognise the features of the effects of extreme temperatures. Know how to treat hypothermia, heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

19. Know how to treat insect bites and stings.

20. Know how to treat objects in the eye and ear.  

21. Assemble a simple first aid kit and know how to use the contents.


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