Independent Living

Independent Living Badge Complete five clauses. Choose one from each section and do one other from any section. For every further five clauses you do, you may have another badge.

Food and clothes
1. Put together a collection of recipes that are low-cost and nutritious. Prepare, cook and serve one of the recipes.

2. Understand the importance of shopping on a budget. Make a list of everything you use in a week, like toothpaste and soap, and find out how much it all costs. (Do not include your food.) How could you reduce the amount of money you spend?

3. Make a game or quiz that helps your Patrol understand the importance of storing food correctly and preparing it safely and hygienically.

4. Explain the meanings of the symbols you find on washing labels in your clothes. Wash and iron an item of clothing. Know why it is important to keep clothes clean and fresh.

In the home
1. Make a safety check of your home, considering anything which could cause accidents. Share your findings with your Patrol.

2. Put together a sewing box to enable you to make simple repairs, such as turning a hem or sewing on a button. Be able to suggest different methods of making repairs, eg using Velcro or Wundaweb.

3. Follow a set of instructions to make an item such as a bird box or CD rack. Show the finished item to your Patrol.

4. Understand what services a household needs to function, such as drains, electricity, water. Find out how to pay for these and how to call out a service team if you have a problem.

5. Clean three rooms in your home that require different cleaning methods, eg kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. Understand any safety issues relating to the cleaning products you used.

Life skills
1. Find out what types of bank or building society account a young person may have. Show how to complete a cheque, withdrawal form or paying-in slip.

2. Know how to read an A-Z and a bus or train timetable. Demonstrate your knowledge to your Patrol.

3. Find out what these are: Job Centre, Citizens Advice Bureau, Legal Aid, Housing Association. When might a young person need to use these agencies?

4. Show how to complete an application form for an event. Explain what information you may need to give if booking activities by telephone.

5. Send an email to a friend and use a website to find out information that is useful for young people.

1. Make a simple first aid kit and demonstrate how to treat cuts, burns, insect bites and bruises. Explain the importance of hygiene when doing first aid and how to store and use medicines correctly.

2. Make a poster or leaflet explaining why food, water, sleep, exercise and fresh air are important for a healthy lifestyle. Tell your Patrol how you try to stay healthy.

3. Give a short talk or presentation or organise a debate on how drugs, smoking, solvent abuse and excess alcohol can affect your health.  

4. Talk to a young person who has left home to go to college or university, or to start a first job. Find out what issues she has faced, such as managing money, looking after herself, and homesickness. How has she coped?


Tip box

Safety tip
Let your Leader know who you will be talking to for clause 4 of Well-being. Stay safe when using the Internet - see Go For It! Communicate for Internet safety tips.

Be life wise!

Why not have a go at Go For It! Life wise with your Patrol.

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