Interpreter Badge


Choose a country that has a language you do not know, then do all these clauses.

1. Learn to say something in that language about two of the following:
• your life and family
• your hopes for the future
• your hobbies
• guiding in the UK.

2. In your chosen language, help someone to get around your city or town by teaching them useful phrases for shopping, travel (by train or bus), changing money or traveller's cheques and sightseeing. This person may be a Guide, a Young Leader, a Leader or an adult approved by your Leader.

3. Research and talk about the country's capital, leader, location, currency, weather and other areas of interest.

4. Find out about places where you can get help in an emergency in your chosen country, eg if you have lost your money, if someone needs to get home fast or if someone is ill.

5. Watch a TV programme or read an article about an issue currently affecting a country where your chosen language is spoken. Talk to your Patrol about it and find out their views on it.  

6. Find out about a famous person or a popular festival from a country where your chosen language is spoken.

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Learn languages online with BBC languages.

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