Music Zone Badge

Music zone


Complete five of the following clauses. If you complete a further five clauses you may have a second badge.


1. With your Patrol or some friends, choose three pieces of music and listen to them. Each put the three in order of preference. Do you all agree? Can you explain your opinions? If you play an instrument, you could do this with three pieces you play. If you play in a group, you might choose pieces your group plays and discuss them with other members of the group.

2. Make a tape of a piece of your own ‘music' and listen to it with your Patrol. You could do this in various ways; for example, you could compose and perform a tune or song, collect sounds which hold some meaning for you (such as birdsong or traffic) or make up a sound story using everyday sounds.

3. Use a favourite piece of music in an interesting way. This could be making up a dance or aerobics routine to it, or something more unusual like painting a picture of what you see when you listen to the music.

4. Do either a or b.
a) Help organise a unit campfire or a show for parents or others.
b) Take part in a District, Division or County campfire.

5. Make and play your own instrument.

6. Go to a concert or musical performance. This could be with family, friends, your Patrol or your unit. Share your favourite moments with your Leader.

7. Listen to pieces of music from other countries or cultures. Share them with your Patrol and explain what you like about them.

8. Make your own campfire song book.

9. Make up a musical quiz for other members of your unit, or perhaps for Brownies and Rainbows. Be as imaginative as you can about what sorts of questions you use.

10. Find out and explain the importance of doing breathing exercises before you sing or play a musical instrument, or show what you do to combat nerves before a performance.

11. Learn or find out about a song or piece of music from three different cultures. Create an illustration for one of them to go into a songbook or music book.

12. Put on a disco for your Patrol, your unit or a Brownie unit. Select music that is appropriate for your audience and make a playlist. During the disco, introduce your music choices in a fun way.  

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