Outdoor Cook Badge

Outdoor cook


Choose from the following heat sources to complete clauses 1 to 3:
• camp altar fire
• barbecue
• portable stove
• camp oven
• sawdust boiler or haybox
• hike fire.


1. Plan a balanced meal for two people and choose at least two methods of cooking (eg boiling and grilling) that suit the heat source and the menu. Include at least two hot courses and a hot drink. Include one fresh vegetable or fruit and one other fresh food.

2. Prepare and cook all the food, demonstrating good food hygiene practices and how to keep the food hot.

3. Clear away and wash up after the meal. Dispose of or recycle all rubbish appropriately and clear up the fire correctly.
4. Have, and be able to use, a pocket first aid kit suitable for coping with accidents that may arise when cooking out of doors. Know how to treat scalds and burns.   

Tip box

Safety tip
Take care when using sharp knives or hot cooking equipment.

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