Party Planner Badge

Party planner

Before the party, discuss all the plans and preparations with your Leader. Keep a record of everything and, if possible, take some photos at your party. Afterwards, discuss the whole experience with your Leader.


1. Choose a special occasion for which you would like to throw a party.

2. Either on your own or with a group of other Guides doing this badge, organise and carry out the party.

3. Choose three of these clauses and do them individually:
• Make a list of people to invite. Produce and send invitations to one or more guests.
• Invite a special guest to the party, to give a talk or a presentation.
• Be responsible for making some decorations, and help to decorate the party room.
• Produce a menu and cook one of the dishes.
• Plan three games or activities to have at the party. Carry out one of them during the party.


Tip box

Keep the party going!

Why not try Go For It! Parties with your Patrol.

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