Performing Arts Badge

Performing Arts

1. Do four of the following:
• Make someone up using stage make-up or face paints.
• Design and make a costume suitable for a play or pantomime, using recycled materials.
• Make a prop suitable for a play or pantomime.
• Prepare a poster or programme for a performance.
• Make a tape of at least 12 sound effects and use it to run a quiz with your Patrol.
• Paint a backcloth or some scenery for a play or pantomime.
• Make a puppet and use it to put on a performance for others.
• Help to organise and run a storytelling session. This could be for Rainbows or Brownies, or a local library or nursery.
• Make up or learn a dance and teach it to your Patrol.
• Learn to juggle successfully with at least three objects.
• Write a short drama or play.
• Make up and run a game for your Patrol or unit which uses mime.

2. Take part in a performance, as a member of the cast or the backstage crew.

3. Go and see a performance, then tell your Patrol about it.


Tip box

Have a look at the culture section of the On Your Marks... activity pack to give you ideas for your badge. You could learn a dance from another country, put on street On Your Marks badgetheatre performance or have a go at Brazilian drumming! Ask your Leader about the pack.

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