Personal Safety Badge

Personal safety

Complete all the clauses


1.    Be able to describe three things that might cause you harm or make you feel unsafe, while doing each of the following:

  • heating up baked beans on the stove and toasting two pieces of bread in the toaster
  • going rock climbing outdoors with your Guide unit
  • going into town with your friends
  • jumping into the local pond/lake during hot weather

Describe steps you would take to reduce risks to your personal safety in these scenarios.

2.    Following necessary safety precautions, cook something simple, either using a portable/camping stove or in an unconventional way (e.g. on an open fire, in a cardboard box oven, on a food tin). Be able to explain the safety precautions which need to be taken when carrying out this activity.

 3.    Using a map of your local area, draw the safest routes you could take if walking from your house to at least one of the below:

  • your school
  • your Guide meeting place
  • the library or local shops

Explain your reasons for identifying the routes as safe, and why you might take a different route after dark.

4.    Take a 15-minute walk around the area of your home or meeting place and explain the steps you take to keep safe. Try also to notice the things you do to keep safe without thinking about it, like looking before you cross the road.

5.    Be able to recognise and describe the physical signs you feel in your own body when you sense danger, for example your heart beating faster. Describe what things can stop you hearing or listening to these warning signs.

6.    Show what you would wear and take with you in the following situations, and explain why:

  • going for a walk in the countryside
  • going to a party at a friend's house
  • meeting friends at the local park
  • travelling on a train or bus on your own

7.    Create a drama, design a computer presentation or poster, or tell others about at least one of the following:

  • how to keep yourself safe while using the internet
  • the dangers of cyber bullying
  • how being under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol can affect your safety
  • how to stay safe near a railway line or motorway

Tip box

Check out water safety information from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Find out about responsible road behaviour for pedestrians and cyclists, and in-car safety.

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