Science Badge


Complete all of the clauses.

1. Plan and undertake experiments or research in two of the following areas. Show you understand the science behind what you have done.

★ Transport – how would transport on the moon be different from on earth?

★ Weather – learn about predicting, measuring and preparing for weather.

★ Crime Scene Investigation – find out what happens when a crime is being investigated.

★ It’s all about me – how to keep your body healthy.

★ Science of a night out – what part does science play in a night out?

★ Home of the future – how do developments in science and engineering improve the way we live?

★ Animals and nature – what impact do we, as humans, have on nature and what positive things can you do to tackle this?

★ Flash, bang, goo – can mixing things change what they do?

2. Find a recent news story in which science has played a part and discuss it with your Leader.

3. Do one of the following:

★ visit a museum, science centre, zoo, botanical garden, science festival, aquarium or nature reserve, or attend a university/school extra-curricular day

★ ask a scientist, engineer or medical professional to talk to you about their work

★ find out more about two famous scientists.

Tip box

Fancy being the next Einstein?

View BBC Science and Nature for fascinating facts and stories from the natural world.

Visit SciZmic, the science discovery clubs network.

Check out Go For It! Experiment with your Patrol.

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