Sports Badge



Choose a sport and do all the clauses. You may have a second badge if you complete all the clauses again, focusing on another sport.


1. Know the safety rules for your chosen sport and why they exist. Demonstrate that you understand the rules and etiquette of your chosen sport.

2. Show the equipment and clothing needed for the sport and demonstrate its use. Explain how to take care of it.

3. Know the importance of warming up and warming down, and occasions when it is not advisable to take part in the sport.

4. Talk to your Patrol or unit about your sport. Know about the top sportsmen and women in your chosen sport and its major competitions. Try to attend an event or watch one on TV. Find out about the governing body that oversees your sport and any schemes it may have for young people.

5. Actively participate in your chosen sport on at least six occasions. Before you do this, with the help of your instructor, Leader or Young Leader, set yourself a target for improvement (eg to learn a new skill, to develop an existing skill or to gain a qualification). Work out an action plan for the six sessions to help you to meet your target. Discuss how successfully you met the target with the person who helped you set it. 


Tip box

Don't stop moving!

Why not check out Go For It! Football with your Patrol?

Have a look at the sport section of the On Your Marks... activity pack to help you get your sport badge, and try something new. On Your Marks badgeYou could invent your own sport, or try out a fun wide game - ask your Leader about the pack.

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