Team Player Badge

Team player


Complete all of the following clauses

1. Using magazines and newspapers, make a collage of groups of people you consider to be good teams, eg pop groups, teams from TV or sports teams. Show why you believe they are good teams. Discuss your ideas and findings with a member of your Patrol.

2. Take part in a discussion on Patrol ground rules with the rest of your Patrol.

3. Take part in a Patrol discussion on activities you are going to do, including who is going to bring what.

4. With your Patrol, show a new game or activity to the rest of your unit.

5. Take part in an activity with your Patrol to discover what type of team member you are by identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

6. Do one of the following:
• be a good member of a sports team
• be a good member of a team other than your Patrol
• take part in another team activity
• as a Patrol, take part in a cooperation game.  

7. Take part in an activity to demonstrate two of the following skills:
• active listening
• different types of questioning
• giving feedback
• dealing with conflict
• problem solving
• decision making.


Tip Box

Keep the team spirit going!

Why not try Go For It! Team work with your Patrol?

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