Traditions of Guiding

Traditions of Guiding

Do five of these clauses. For every further five clauses you complete, you may have another badge.

 1. Know how to fold a flag and hoist colours. Demonstrate your skills to your Patrol.

2. Demonstrate how to carry and present unit colours. Show how to roll, store and care for unit colours.

3. Use and explain four whistle and hand signals.

4. Tie a reef knot and a packer's knot. Demonstrate their use on a parcel or bedding roll.

5. Traditionally, Guides march formally into a horseshoe. Find out how this is done and try it.

6. Lay or follow a trail using woodcraft signs.

7. Strike a match correctly and light a candle.

8. Use Scout's pace to cover 1.6km or one mile. Remember a verbal message and deliver it at the end.

9. Use semaphore to send and read a simple message.

10. Know the first two verses of your national anthem.

11. Know ten significant facts about the history of guiding. Share this information with your Patrol in the form of a quiz, game, poster etc.

12. Lay a table for a three-course meal. Use a centrepiece and fold the napkins in an interesting way.

13. Set a map with a compass and walk on a bearing.

14. Whip the end of a rope to stop it fraying.

15. Do an activity that shows a camping skill; eg pitch and strike a tent, make a gadget, light a fire.

16. Explain and, where possible, demonstrate how to turf before lighting a fire.

17. With your Patrol, plan and do a pioneering activity; eg make a rope ladder, haymaker bridge or swing.

18. Make and use a buddy burner.

19. Learn the words of the World Song and sing it with members of your Patrol.

20. At a campfire, prepare and cook dampers.

21. Find out what Guides did for a ‘first class' award.

22. Make a lanyard to wear at camp.

23. Learn two graces and teach them to your Patrol.

24. Demonstrate the international symbol of recognition when meeting another Guide.

25. Know what makes up the Union Flag and draw it correctly.

26. Research a guiding tradition in another section. 


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