Water Safety

Water Safety


All parts of this badge may take place on dry land.


1. Explain why the following can be dangerous: ponds, lakes, lochs, reservoirs, quarries, canals, rivers and beaches. Describe or draw signs and/or flags you might see beside water at the places above, and explain what they mean.

2. Do either a or b.
a) Design a poster or leaflet about safety at one of the places listed in clause 1.
b) Illustrate the Water Safety Code.

3. Know why it is important to put your own safety first. Explain what you would do if you saw someone in difficulty in water.

4. Show how to use the following aids to help someone:
• Reach with an article of clothing or a rigid aid, eg a long stick.
• Throw something that floats, eg large ball, empty plastic container.
• Throw a 5m rope to a person. What precautions would you take?

5. Explain what first aid treatment you might be required to give someone who has been in water, eg for shock or hypothermia.



Tip Box

If you are interested in doing a water safety or lifesaving qualification, contact the Amateur Swimming Association, Royal Life Saving Society or Swimming Teachers Association. Your local swimming pool will be able to tell you what courses are available.

Check out water safety information from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

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