World Cultures Badge

World Cultures


Do five of the following clauses. If you complete another five clauses you may have a second badge.

1. Decide what you would include in a travel brochure designed to attract people to visit your local area. Have a go at making one.

2. Cook at least one meal from another country. Try to use authentic cooking methods and eating utensils. Make a list of the ingredients and find out where they come from, showing their location on a map of the world.

3. Choose three well-known women of different nationalities in the field of politics, acting, music, history or sports. Research some interesting facts on each of them, and explain the reasons for your choices.

4. Listen to, go to see, or share in making music from another culture, eg a ceilidh band, calypso band or steel band. What makes the music special and appropriate to its country of origin?

5. Find out about a festival or celebration involving light or candles, such as Hanukkah, Diwali, Loy Kratong or Advent. Make something for that festival, eg a diva (small clay lamp) or a special candle.

6. Organise a fashion show with costumes from different parts of the world.

7. Face and body painting is very popular in many parts of the world. Try face painting or mehndi decoration on your hands or feet. Find out who would use these techniques and when.

8. Play a traditional board game from another country.

9. Using any craft you like, make an animal, plant or national costume from another country. Be resourceful and find materials from your house, garden and meeting place. Be prepared to talk to your unit or tester about what country it represents and why you chose it.

10. Make a kite (traditional in China, Japan and Thailand) and fly it. Find out about kite festivals.

11. Puppetry is a very strong tradition worldwide. Find out about its importance in other countries, eg Indonesian shadow puppets. Make puppets and use them to tell a traditional story to Rainbows, Brownies or the rest of your unit. 


Tip Box 

Visit the United Religions Initiative, which promotes interfaith cooperation.

Have a look at the culture section of the On Your Marks... activity pack to find out about culture in other countries. You could try out an unusual meal, drum out a samba rhythm or try an unusual On Your Marks badgedance! Ask your Leader about the pack.

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