World Guiding Badge

World Guiding


Do five of these clauses. If you complete another five clauses you may have a second badge.


1. Guides all around the world sing Taps. Learn Taps in another language and sing it at the end of a unit meeting.

2. Girl Scouts in the USA sell cookies every year to raise money. Make some cookies or sweets, sell them and send the proceeds to the Guide Friendship Fund.

3. Make and play a game based on the World Badge and/or World Flag. Know what each part of the Badge and Flag stands for.

4. In some countries in the past, Guiding was suppressed for political reasons and Guides had to hide their uniforms and equipment. Pick six items you would hide to keep the Guiding spirit alive, and explain why you have chosen them.

5. Imagine that you are at one of the World Centres. Design and write a postcard to your Patrol at home. You should write about such things as the weather, people you have met, food and your journey.

6. Make a wordsearch based on facts about the four World Centres.

7. Do either a or b.
a) Dress yourself or a friend in the uniform of a Guide from a country in another WAGGGS region (not Europe). You could adapt your own clothes or make a uniform from paper or other materials.
b) Find out the Law and Promise of five overseas Guide Associations, one from each of the five WAGGGS regions.

8. Do either a or b.
a) With your Patrol or unit, celebrate World Thinking Day in an unusual place.
b) Take part in Thinking Day on the Air, Jamboree on the Air or Thinking Day on the Internet.

9. Give a Friendship Badge or a friendship stick or bracelet to a Guide from another unit. Explain the meaning of the gift.

10. Find out the signs, symbols or traditions that link Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. Share the results with Guides in your unit, or with Brownies or Rainbows.

11. Start a campfire blanket, or if you already have one, explain where the badges came from. Which badges can you swap or give to others if you go abroad?