World Issues Badge

World Issues


Do five of the following clauses. If you complete another five clauses you may have a second badge.

1. Many paper products are now made from recycled paper. Find and show three different products to an interested adult. Either make your own recycled paper or make a birthday card for one of your friends using recycled paper and materials.

2. Keep a diary of the journeys you make during a week. Explain what the most environmentally friendly methods of transport are.

3. Fill a container with as much water as you can safely manage and carry it for at least 20 metres. In many parts of the world women carry water every day. In your Patrol, discuss ways in which this task could be made easier.

4. In a group, play a cooperative game. How do cooperative games differ from competitive ones? Why is it important to cooperate? How can you apply this to situations between different countries?

5. Imagine that you are one of the first people to visit the inhabitants of a distant planet. As your ship is so small, you can only take ten things with you that would be typical of the people on Earth. Collect the ten things and explain why you have chosen them.

6. Choose three different newspapers and cut out all the articles that mention other countries. Compare how much information is given in each paper. Are the countries represented in different ways?

7. Find out about as many peace symbols as you can. Why were things like the olive branch and the dove chosen? Design and make a mobile using peace symbols.

8. Take part in a WAGGGS initiative.

9. Find out about two simple ways in which the health of people in the global south (the developing world) can be improved or lives saved.

10. Play a game about international justice or fairness, such as the Trading Game or the Paper Bag Game. Check out for ideas and links.

11. Watch a TV programme, film or video about the work of an international organisation like WWF or UNICEF. If possible, do something to help them.

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