World Traveller Badge

World traveller


Do five clauses. If you complete another five clauses you may have a second badge.

1. Find out what £1 is worth in euros and in two currencies from outside the European Union. Find out how you can change money into a foreign currency and how traveller's cheques work.

2. In a language other than your own, make a collection of useful words and phrases that would help you communicate while travelling.

3. Do both a and b.
a) Make a list of medical facts about yourself, including any allergies or vaccinations. Why would this be a useful list to keep with a passport?
b) Know where to find out about vaccinations you may need when travelling abroad, and what basic medications to take with you.

4. Know when you need to have a passport and how to get one.

5. Plan and make a journey to a place of interest for a day. Plan a timetable and work out travel arrangements, eating arrangements, cost of entrance fees etc. Think about safety and emergency contacts.

6. Do either a or b.
a) Cook an international dish on a lightweight stove, such as you would use if you were travelling.
b) Make a packed lunch using foods from another country.

7. Make up two games you could play with your family or friends when travelling: one suitable for a car journey and one for a train journey.

8. Choose a holiday destination and make a list of all the things you would need to pack when travelling there.

9. Plan and make a visual record of a journey, eg using postcards, photographic slides, prints or video. Compare these methods for cost, quality and possible uses.

10. Make a small collection of things you could take to another country to represent your own life and culture. Explain your choices.

11. Find out different ways in which you could contact your home while travelling abroad. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

12. Visit a chemist and find out what range of sun-care products is available. Know what type of skin you have. What are the dangers of not being protected?