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Guides like you can start learning leadership skills!

Minifig leaders with a laptopBeginning to Lead


Learn leadership skills like planning, communication and teamwork and challenge yourself to show off your new skills in your leadership role.  

Perfect if you’re looking to learn about leadership or are already in a leadership role, like a Rainbow or Brownie Helper, a Peer Educator or a Young Leader.

Take the lead and click below to start!

Helping in a unit? Make sure the Leader knows about these great guidance notes so she can support you along the way.

Rainbow and Brownie Helpers

If you fancy a new challenge, why not become a Rainbow or Brownie Helper?
Brownies with helperYou'll get to help Leaders plan and run meetings, and have great fun getting to know younger girls.

You might be

  • working with small groups before they make their Promise

  •  running exciting games with the unit

  •  helping plan bigger adventures outside the meeting place!

You'll have a Helper badge to pin on your Guide wear to show what you do. You might also be able to count some of the activities towards your Guide Community Action badge.

Talk to your Guide Leader and she'll help find a local unit you can help at.

Helping in a unit? Take a look at these great guidance notes to support you in the role.

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