Our Promise

The Promise is very important part of being a Guide and when you make your Promise it should be a special moment for you.

Guides making their Promise

The Promise

I promise that I will do my best:
To be true to myself and develop my beliefs,
To serve the Queen and my community,
To help other people
To keep the Guide Law.

The Guide Law is:

  1. A Guide is honest, reliable and can be trusted.
  2. A Guide is helpful and uses her time and abilities wisely.
  3. A Guide faces challenge and learns from her experiences.
  4. A Guide is a good friend and a sister to all Guides.
  5. A Guide is polite and considerate.
  6. A Guide respects all living things and takes care of the world around her.









It is very important that when you make your Promise you understand what you are saying. When you make your promise you are making a commitment to a shared set of ideas and beliefs. There are some activities in the Patrol Xtra file to help you understand your promise and your Leaders will be able to help you too.

When you make your Guide promise you will be given a badge and certificate to remind you of that special moment.