What do Guides do?

Guides postcard

Thinking about becoming a Guide but not quite sure what it's like? Read what the Guides themselves have to say about it below.


Haleema, 13 - I like everything about guiding. We've done horse riding and camping. I'm more confident in myself and I've made lots of friends.

Rosie, 10 - Guiding is lots of fun because you get to go on lots of trips and you meet your friends every week at the unit. My top moment was visiting Howletts Zoo - it was really great seeing all the animals. We held animal poo!

Rebecca and Laura, 14 - We did our Baden-Powell Challenge in Norfolk. When we weren't filming and interviewing we were doing some of the centre's activities such as abseiling, archery, go-karting and rock climbing.

Heather, 14 - At the BIG GIG (the annual pop concert attended by 25,000 Guides!), the whole arena was filled with flashing bunny ears, glow sticks and Guides wearing BIG GIG T-shirts. How fantastic - thousands of girls under one roof - girl power at its best! All of the acts were incredible and received huge cheers. The gig came to a close at 10pm as tons of confetti burst over the crowds. I wanted it to carry on.

If you'd like to tell us what you do at Guides and what you like about it, please write to web@girlguiding.org.uk and you might find yourself featuring on this page!